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PAS 402:2013

PAS 402 is a specification for performance reporting that can be adopted by waste management organisations. It develops your business and environmental credentials and is a vital part of our work towards a zero waste society.

What is PAS 402:2013?

The aim of PAS 402:2013 is to provide a specification for performance reporting that can be adopted by waste management organisations. The specification provides the framework for the demonstration of performance against key areas of delivery, including landfill diversion and materials recovery, assuring potential and existing customers of the service they are procuring.
PAS 402:2013 was originally sponsored by Constructing Excellence in Wales (CEW) and its development facilitated by the British Standards Institution (BSI) in consultation with waste industry stakeholders. 

Who does PAS 402:2013 apply to?

PAS 402:2013 is applicable to waste management organisations that process construction, industrial, commercial or household waste, for example, at a transfer station, treatment facility or disposal site.
It is not applicable to a waste management organisation that operates solely as a waste carrier or waste broker. 

What data is collected from waste management Companies?

A report is produced after conducting a baseline assessment of the organisation's environmental, quality, health and safety performance, practices, procedures and policies at that current point in time.
PAS 402:2013 requires a waste resource management organisation to report how it conducts its waste management activities, landfill diversion and materials recovery rates it achieves. 

What difference will achieving PAS 402:2013 make to my organisation?

As a Green Compass company, achieving PAS 402:2013 will benefit your organisation in becoming part of a best practice elite of waste management businesses in the UK, helping to meet increasing demands for Industry to report validated recovery data, whilst demonstrating best practice.
Green Compass status is a tangible marketing tool for your organisation - as well as the Green Compass certificate, scheme members are provided with livery and graphic design templates for marketing purposes.

The Green Compass scheme demonstrates your compliance with PAS 402:2013 by providing independent verification of reported performance data. Verification is undertaken by an independent, UKAS accredited inspection body.

The inspection scheme will improve customer confidence, process efficiency and can help to secure new business.

BuildUK members (formerly United Kingdom Contractors Group) have demonstrated full support for the use of the Green Compass Scheme and are now specifying that their contractors adopt PAS 402:2013 by 2018. The scheme is also being requested by a growing number of Local Authorities in their procurement processes.  

How can I get PAS 402:2013?

To provide assurance that your company is following the PAS 402:2013 specification, you need to be verified by an independent third party.  You can obtain accreditation by utilising the Green Compass Scheme which provides the framework that you can follow.