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I am a waste producer

We can help you cut back on waste, reuse materials and save money!

Why minimise waste?

Waste is an expensive issue for industry. Minimising waste is crucial to saving money and creating a more efficient and sustainable environment.

The Green Compass Scheme provides independent inspection and verification of the performance data reported by waste management organisations. This helps you make an informed decision when choosing a waste management company.

Some of the benefits of using a Green Compass company for your waste management needs

  • Validated recycling rates for your waste streams    Each company must report on their recovery rates for all individual waste streams. These figures are independently verified by a UKAS accredited inspector so you can be sure that the information provided is reliable and transparent.
  • Informed decisions   All Green Compass companies must publish a publicly available report so you will be able to compare companies before selecting the right one for you.
  • Legal Compliance/Duty of Care    As a waste producer, you have a duty of care to ensure that your waste is being dealt with legally and responsibly.  Green Compass companies are independently verified, so you can be certain that your waste is arriving at a fully licensed site and being managed in accordance with appropriate legislation. 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility    Green Compass is not just about recovery rates, all Green Compass companies must report on how they adhere to standards of health and safety, protect the environment and put customer needs at the heart of their operations. 

Find a Green Compass company that suits you

You can use this website to search for a Green Compass waste management company.  Just click on the 'Directory' tab.